Short description:

  • Developed a responsive WooCommerce store for Deliwares dropshipping business.
  • Designed and customized the theme to match the client’s brand identity and enhance user experience.
  • Integrated payment gateways and shipping methods to ensure smooth transactions and deliveries.
  • Optimized the store’s speed and performance to minimize bounce rates and increase conversion rates.
  • Configured the store’s SEO settings to improve search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic.

Longer description in STAR format for portfolio details:

Situation: Deliwares, a dropshipping business owner, approached me to develop a WooCommerce store that would showcase their products and enable customers to make purchases seamlessly.

Task: My task was to design and develop a responsive WooCommerce store that would cater to Deliwares business needs and requirements. This involved customizing the theme, integrating payment gateways and shipping methods, optimizing the store’s speed and performance, and configuring the store’s SEO settings.

Action: To accomplish this task, I utilized my expertise in WordPress development, html css javascript, php, react.js, theme development, plugins development and WooCommerce development and customization. I worked closely with Deliwares to understand their brand identity and preferences, and incorporated those into the store’s design and functionality. I also made sure to test the store thoroughly to ensure its smooth performance and user-friendliness.

Result: The result was a fully-functional and responsive WooCommerce store that met all of Deliwares business needs and requirements. The store had a professional and modern design, with optimized speed and performance, integrated payment and shipping methods, and enhanced SEO settings to attract more traffic and sales.

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